CNC 1 Axis Centerless LM2

Our Model LM-2 specially designed for low power consume, hi precision, compact, economical.


Our Centerless Grinding machine model LM-2 have hydrostatic bush bearing and cartridge precision bearing spindle both model available.

Grinding wheel head spindle have oil safety feature


Main slide control by Roller LM guide way, Precision and ground ball screw, gear box and servo motor for rigid and accurately traveling


Regulating wheel head control by high speed gear box with A/c variable speed control drive and bearing type spindle to get best grinding perforce and hi radial accuracy for every size of jobs


Both Dressing slide Control by Gear Motor with A/c Variable speed control drive, LM Guide way and ball screw to get fine and long life dressing for good ra value in jobs


Auto lubrication in slide, Continues pump lubrication in both spindle

Entry and exit oil filters, oil level switch, oil pressures switch, oil circuit complete indication switch to get long life hi accuracy and maintenance free machine


Magnetic coolant filter in coolant tank to achieve close tolerance in jobs


Mounted Electrical Control Panel for easy maintenance, operating and handling

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