The base is made of close-grained cast iron and is well ribbed. It is made particularly heavy to prevent vibration and distortion the guide way-one side flat and the other V type are Tersite line coated and precision hand scrapped and to match the corresponding surfaces of the table slides.

Solenoid valve and proxy operated very smooth Hydraulic system, Cartridge type Precision 4 bearing type spindle in work head, Cartridge type high speed Precision bearing spindle in main head.

Variable speed control drive in work head with RPM Read out is available.

Manual Lubrication, Auto Lubrication, hand pump lubrication are available in lubrication system.

Micro feeding, Auto plunge cut cycle, coolant filter systems (paper band filter or magnetic separator) are also available as extra accessories.

Laxman auto plunge sizers is a combination theory of hydraulic cylinder and harden and tempered cam, which can give high precision in plunge cut. Auto plunge cut, CLM Model have a provision for adjust Grinding time, feeding cut and speed, rapid movement.

Auto dressing in strait and radius PLC cycle type internal grinder is also available.

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